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surgery antigua guatemala
surgery antigua guatemala
surgery antigua guatemala




Procedure for the treatment of close angle glaucoma and for those patients who are at risk of developing it (narrow angle).
Close angle glaucoma is not frecuent. It consists in the rise of intraocular pressure caused by the anterior displacement of the iris and cristaline lens blocking the exit of the aqueous humor from inside the eye.

It is considered an emergency when the angle is completely closed , so the rise in the intraocular pressure is so intense that it damages the optic nerve leaving the patient blind. Laser iridotomy is indicated in these cases. The symptoms are blurry vision, eye pain , headaches and redness of the eye(s). It is associated with refractive defects such as hyperopia.

Surgery consists in performing a small aperture in the iris periphery with an Nd- Yag laser so the aqueous humor passes through it from behind towards the anterior chamber opening its angle.

It is performed with local anesthesia, it is not a painful procedure and it takes a few minutes and eye patch or stitches are not needed. It is an out patient procedure and the patient can continue his/her normal activities, although it is recomended not to do any heavy physical effort for the next two weeks.

Complications are very rare but can be a rise in intraocular pressure after the procedure, iris hemorrage and swelling and a cataract.


It is performed after cataract surgery . It consist in making an opening in the posterior wall of the capsular bag where the intraocular lens is placed after the removal of the cataract.

This procedure is safe,  fast, with immediate results and  is not painful. It is an out patient procedure. The patient can resume his/her activities in a few hours

Complications are very rare but if they do can be : a rise in intraocular pressure, cystic macular edema due to forward movement of the vitreous gel ,  laser impacts on the intraocular lens and intraocular lens subluxation.


It is performed with Green Argon Laser 532 nm. This laser can be aimed to a specific area iin the retina to coagulate abnormal blood vessels, repair retinal tears and destroy abnormal tissues that affect visual function.

The goal is to treat various ocular diseases through the destruction of isquemic areas( lack of oxigen ) , exudative areas (abnormal deposits) , proliferative  ( abnormal new vessels) or tumors.

Focal photocoagulation ( in a specific area of the retina) is used for sealing retinal holes, tears and defects that can predispose a retinal detachment. It can be completed in one sesion or a couple of weeks after. Retinal panphotocoagulation is indicated to treat several diseases such as Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) , Diabetic Retinopathy , neovascularization due to retinal vein oclusions, neovascular membrane  in age related macular degeneration, neovascular glaucoma, retinal and coroid tumors. In all these cases various sesions are needed.

It is not a painful procedure , topical anesthesia is used . No patch or sutures are required. It is an outpatient procedure . It is recomended not to do heavy physical efforts during the next two weeks after the procedure. As any procedure there are risks that need to be discussed with the doctor . These are retinal detachment, hemorrages,scar formations, decrease in vision, specially in diabetics.

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