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Surgery : Anterior Segment : Pterygium


It is a Minor procedure that allows the resection of the abnormal tissue over the ocular surface. It can be combined with a conjuntival graft or with an amniotic membrane tissue which is fixed in placed with  sutures or with a tisulars glue. Either combination permits the  proper recovery of the eye's surface.

Depending on the case Mitomicin C will be applied , it is an antibiotic that acts as an alquilant agent on the DNA and helps avoid recurrence of the Pterigium.

It is an ambulatory procedure done under local anaesthesia, it is painless and lasts 45 minutes aproximately depending if sutures are used. Once it has finished, an ohthalmic ointment and patch are placed over the eye and left in place for 48 hrs.

Oral analgesics/antiinflamatory medications must be taken as indicated.

The patient will have several appointments after the surgery.

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