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Limbal transplantation is done to those patients whose ocular surface has lost the ability of mantaining a good epithelial layer ( outer layer). That means that they have a limbal insuficiency.

The limbus is that area betwen the white sclera and the color of the iris seen through the transparent cornea. In the limbus we find the Vogt Palizades and inside of them the stem cells which divide constantly and through celular differentiation are transformed into epithelial cells.

Steven-Johnson syndrome, Ocular Cicatricial Penfigoid, Aniridia and chemical burns patients have limbal insufficiency and epithelial deficiency. The procedure is done under local anesthesia assisted by an anesthesiologist who monitors the patient throughout the procedure.

A limbal disection is done in the donating area, usually  in the contralateral  eye. The nude area that is left with this disection is  convered by amniotic membrane and sutured with Nylon 10-0. The recipient's limbal area is prepared to receive the graft, which is sutured in place with Nylon 10-0. Amniotic membrane is placed over the Limbal graft and sutured with Nylon 10-0.

An ocular patch and ophthalmic ointment are placed over the operated eye. The surgeon removes it in 24 hours and  will replace it until a good epithelial layer is formed.

The results are good , improving the visual funtion and the appearance  of the affected eye.

A follow up appointment will be indicated by your surgeon.

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