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Surgery : Anterior Segment : Limbal Relaxing Incisions


Surgical procedure in which parcial thickness incisions are made at the corneal periphery (limbus) in order to treat mild to moderate corneal astigmatism. These small incisions relax the curvature of the cornea  and improve its ability to focus light on the retina, reducing the need of glasses.

The goal of the procedure is to decrease astigmatism as much as possible. The patient´s astigmatism is analized through a topography (shape of the cornea) and paquimetry ( corneal thickness) . With this data the lengh and location of the incision (s) is determined.

Once the surgical plan is established , anesthesia eye drops are applied and a device is placed to avoid the eye from closing. While seated the patient is marked in the limbus at 6 hours. Then the patient is asked to lay down. A surgical instrument is placed over the limbus and the pre established axis is identified and marked .

With a special scalpel one or more incisions are made to improve the eye´s curvature. Ophthalmic ointment and ocular patch  are placed covering the eye. A follow up appointment is made within 24 hrs.

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