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Surgery : Anterior Segment : Corneal Transplant

Corneal Transplant surgery is done to those patients whose cornea has suffered a loss of transparency due to multiple factors . This loss of transparency decreases the quality of vision and needs to be removed and replaced by another cornea obtained in a qualified and recognized Eye Bank.

The surgery is done in an Out patient modality , that is without being admited in the  hospital. It is done under local anesthesia assisted by an anesthesiologist. It begins by doing a circular cut (trephination) in the donanted córnea. The corneal button is placed in a special liquid called Optisol that keeps it nourished. Trephination the patient's cornea is done after an eye support device (Flieringa ring) is placed. A suction trephine enables the surgeon to do a  quick and precise corneal cut.

Once trephination is done ,the patient´s opaque corneal button is replaced by the clear one and a sutured is placed by separated or running nylon 10-0 stitches  to reach a perfectly  sealed interface.

An ophthalmic ointment and an eye pad are placed for 24 hrs until the surgeon removes it the next day.

Once covered by epithelium the eye is treated with topical antibiotics, antiinflammatory agents and lubricating drops.
The patient recovers his/her vision gradually. A follow up appointment will be indicated by your surgeon.

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