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Surgery : Anterior Segment : Corneal Rings


Treats Keratoconus,corneal , ectasias , irregular astigmatisms and Pelucid Marginal Degenerations. It is an out patient surgery under topical anesthesia, assisted by an anesthesiologist who monitors the patient  throughout the procedure.

Corneal tunnels are made either with a Femtosecond laser or with a precise state of the art instrument. Once done the segments are introduced into the tunnels. It is a painless procedure and it only lasts 10 minutes per eye aproximately.

A contact lens is placed after the procedure has concluded. Topical antibiotic/antiinflamatory drops and oral analgesics are prescribed; the patient is seen in 24 hrs

To know if a patient is a good candidate for this procedure a PENTACAM corneal Topography should be performed.

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