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Is the extraction of the opaque lens through varios surgical techniques:

  • Extracapsular extraction
  • MICS ( Micro incisional catarat surgery)
  • Phacoemulsification of cataract

Phacoemulsification is the  most modern and less invasive surgical technique. It is done through a 2.5 mm insicion using an ultrasonic hand piece that enables the surgeon to fraction and aspirate the  cataract in a rapid and safe manner.

Once the cataract is extracted , it is replaced by a foldable intraocular lens (IOL), which is injected into the eye and placed inside the capsular bag.Most of the time the surgical wounds are autosealable so no stitches are needed.

Phacoemulsification is an out patient procedure under local anesthesia assisted by an anesthesiologist, who will monitor the patient 's vital signs during the procedure so the patient is awake, relaxed and anesthesized. The surgery is not painful and it lasts approximately 20 minutes.

After surgery a transparent eye protector is placed over the operated eye . Eye drops and analgesics are indicated and should be started immediately.

For one week the patient should rest avoiding physical exercises, sauna and swimming. The patient should not rub his/her eyes. After this period he/she can resume his/her activities.

A follow up appointment will be indicated by your surgeon.

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