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Sun Glasses

Every day we are exposed to the sun UV rays and many eye diseases can develop because of that. That is why we offer sun glasses for adults and children in diferent styles, and for every  need. These sun glasses have UV A and UV B protection warranty.


All these products protect your purchase, extend  the useful life of your glasses, also they offer comfort.

  • cleaning solutions
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Chains and cords to keep your lenses in place. ( Adults and children )
  • Hard and soft cases for protection
  • Sponge for nose pads
  • Repair kit for glasses
  • Readers
Contact lenses accesories:
  • Multipurpose solution for soft contact lenses ( Aosept, Renu)
  • Multipurpose solution for hard contact lenses ( Boston )
  • Renu lubricating drops
  • Hard and soft contact lens cases NOVELENS
  • Hard lens remover

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